Monday, September 25, 2023

EbA in Agriculturally Dominated Landscapes for Food Security

With a global population that crossed the 7 billion mark earlier this year and is expected to hit 8 billion by 2025, it is critical to build resilient food systems that can enhance food security and address other numerous challenges like climate change, resource scarcity and severe ecological degradation. However, the questions as to the type of measures/approaches and strategies required still generate divergent views  and a closer attention to a broader spectrum of options is urgently needed. Approaches that go beyond words into actions with potential to informing and guiding policy practices are imperative and urgently needed. One of these approaches is  applying Ecosystem based Adaptation in agriculturally dominated landscapes for food security.

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Richard Munang, Policy Advisor & Acting Programme Manager Climate Change Adaptation & Development-CC DARE (UNEP)
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Healthy ecosystems deliver critical goods and services, such as providing food and fuel, or preventing floods and soil erosion. People depend on these goods and services for their wellbeing and livelihoods. However, because of climate change and other human impacts, many ecosystems have become degraded, with negative impacts on people’s lives. EBA involves the use of biodiversity and ecosystem services as part of an overall adaptation strategy to help people adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change.readmore

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