Monday, June 5, 2023

Ecosystem based adaptation criteria discussions in Peru

EbA definition criteria are discussed and tools for systematize information are tested in Peru. More than 30 participants took part  in the two days workshop held in Lima on the 21-22 of May, organized by the EbA in mountain ecosystem project in Peru.  The meeting had the main objectives of 1) presenting and discussiong criteria for defining EbA and 2) identifying useful information for the selection, priorization and implementation of EbA measures.
Among the highlights of the meeting was the time dedicated and to discuss proposed criteria for, first, define if a climate change adaptation measure is EbA or not and, second, for the selection and priorization of EbA measures.

The criteria identified for defining an EbA option, and discriminate it from a non EbA option, come from the CBD definition of EbA:

  •     The measure reduces the vulnerability of populations to climate change;
  •     The measure increases the resilience of biodiversity and ecosystems, directly or indirectly;
  •     The measure uses biodiversity and ecosystem services in a sustainable manner, without affecting them and, as far as possible, improving them.

Participants also dedicated time to working in groups, each group focusing in a possible EbA option, identifying useful information  for the selection, planning and implementation of each one of them. A dedicated matrix was developed for this exercise which uses the concepts of vulnerability of both ecosystems and people and of the feasibility of the measure to guide the identification of the information needed.

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Healthy ecosystems deliver critical goods and services, such as providing food and fuel, or preventing floods and soil erosion. People depend on these goods and services for their wellbeing and livelihoods. However, because of climate change and other human impacts, many ecosystems have become degraded, with negative impacts on people’s lives. EBA involves the use of biodiversity and ecosystem services as part of an overall adaptation strategy to help people adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change.readmore

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