Monday, June 5, 2023

InterCLIMA 2013 Event

This event has been established as a space where researchers, enterprise, government and decision makers can share information and report on climate change management in Peru. This year, the event took place from December 4th to 6th, being low emissions and climate resilient development the main topic. The Ecosystems based Adaptation project in Peru prepared a banner for the “MARKETPLACE” Fair, one of the many activities that took place during the opening day of InterCLIMA.

The Fair aimed at giving the public an opportunity to learn more about projects in Latin America, and especially in Peru, which are looking at reducing the level of greenhouse gases. Given that the topic in this year´s event was reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the Ecosystems based Adaptation project had the chance to reflect on how Ecosystem based Adaptation can also contribute to mitigation. The banner gives examples on how the Project expects to contribute to mitigation. One is by providing new options on how to increase and consolidate the resilience of hydrological services, especially as a source of low carbon energy. Another example is the contribution of carbon sequestration through conservation and management of rangelands, wetlands and livestock.

All in all, the message the project conveyed in the banner is that ecosystem conservation through Ecosystem based Adaptation, can provide a resource base for local economies to thrive through a low carbon economy while adapting to climate change and, at the same time, contribute to carbon sequestration and avoid CO2 emissions produced by the degradation of ecosystems

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