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EbA Mountain Project In Peru Contributes To Update NYCLR Management Plan

Different stakeholders met in Alis to work for the development and conservation of the NYCLR.

From the 13th to the17th of January 2014, the Nor Yauyos-Cochas Landscape Reserve (NYCLR) of SERNANP (National Service of Natural Protected Areas) –a body attached to the Ministry of Environment– organized, with the support of the EbA Mountain project in Peru, a workshop called “Use of Open Standard Methodology for updating the NYCLR Management Plan”. This workshop was held in the district of Alis, Yauyos province of Lima and the main objective was to plan the actions that will be carried out in the next five years (2014-2019), but working on a vision towards 2033.

The vision includes that “the RPNYC plays a pioneering role in the incorporation of approaches and information systems to climate change adaptation that contributes to strengthen the resilience of communities and their ecosystems”. The EbA project is supporting the NYCLR to develop strategies and implement activities for accomplishing this vision. The EbA and No-regrets measures that are going to be implemented as part of the project are aligned to the RPNYC management priorities.

The workshop focused on five thematic areas: agro-biodiversity, pastures, vicuña (vicugna vicugna), watershed systems and tourism. Climate change was considered an issue that affects all the areas, so it was worked on crosswise and it was reflected on the workshop outcomes. The Open Standards methodology, especially designed for the practice of conservation, was applied in order to identify the next steps to protect and conserve the landscape of the reserve, according to all participants’ experience and knowledge, based on the context and their point of view, stemming from the work they do.

The workshop was attended by 56 strategic stakeholders from several areas involved in the NYCLR, including representatives of the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Culture, local municipalities and community leaders, international organizations and private companies. Among them was Cecilia Cabello, Director of Management of Protected Natural Areas – SERNANP, who congratulated the park rangers’ job, who were also participating. She highlighted that all stakeholders “have to work in a coordinated manner for the Reserve’s conservation and protection”.

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